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Welcome to limarp Boutique!

Welcome to limarp Boutique!

Your source for quality bariatric supplements needed in the post-op period.

You’ve taken the deep plunge into a great adventure, one that started with wanting to change your life through bariatric surgery. You’re off to find someone you haven’t seen for some time. You have a recollection of what that person looks like but it’s all a blur in your mind. That person is the healthier, fitter, skinnier you.

A version of you that is free of obesity, free of chronic diseases and health complications.

Consider this your one-stop destination for all your post-op nutritional needs or if you just want merchandise to show how proud you are that you’re conquering obesity. We have all that and more in our boutique.

Surgery was just the first step in your fight against obesity, the next step takes dedication, adhering to our comprehensive and integral bariatric program, proper nutrition, constant physical activity and of course great support from family and friends!!!

This site has all the necessary supplements that you’ll need to get through the post-op part of your journey. These supplements are necessary for proper nutrition in every bariatric patient.

Your life has changed in many ways after your bariatric surgery; one way it has changed is the way your body absorbs certain nutrients, this is why I have formulated vitamin supplements designed specifically for patients like you.

Give the gift of health to someone in need! 100% of proceeds gathered from limarpboutique go to the Limarp Foundation, which is geared towards providing bariatric surgery to those who can’t afford it.

You have taken your first step on this great journey; let me take you by the hand, by working together we will find the real “you”.

Your new life starts now!!!



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